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5 tips to start adding colour to your wardrobe


If you’re trying out colour for the first time try these handy tips to get you started on your way to colour confidence!

Try pairing some colour with something you feel reeeeaaally comfortable in. Your favourite pair of jeans, a white shirt, or black trousers.

Denim goes with EVERYTHING as does black and white. Ignore what Trinny and Susanna said in the 90s… I always feel more comfortable if I am wearing some black and I shall not be swapping out my black boots for camel ones nothankyouverymuch.


Who doesn’t have a stripy Breton top in their wardrobe??

It’s one of the easiest things to wear and goes with everything! Instead of going for classic black or navy why not bring some colour into your wardrobe by adding a stripy top in a bright colour?


If you’re not sure what colours go together, check out colour wheel theory. Try an analogous, complimentary or triad colour scheme.

For more information check out my post about the Wear Happy Colour challenge by Katie Kortman.


If that sounds too complicated… literally ANY colour combination looks good if you take one of those colours and add an accessory in that same colour.

Matching instantly makes your outfit looks deliberate and stylish (even if you’ve put little or no effort in to it 😆)

I’ve realised a lot about my relationship with colour recently and whilst wearing colour definitely evokes more emotion and gives me more energy and than neutrals, it is the PURE JOY & satisfaction of putting together colour combinations that I enjoy the most. Being able to create a different colour palette EVERY DAY is such a simple pleasure!


Patterns are more forgiving than block colours and they also mean you don’t have to think about what colours go together! The Work is already done for you!

If you want to learn more about patterns then check out @jointhepatterparty on instagram!

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