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A Colourful Indie Biz Christmas Wishlist for 2019

We all know we should buy less, and just as much as Christmas can be a time for excessive consumption and consumerism, it is also a hugely important time of the year for small businesses. So if you are going down the present route, why not spend your hard earned pound with some of these colourful & FABULOUS indie brands…


The greyer the day the more colour I want to wear, especially if it’s knitwear… and I’m OBSESSED with Hope Macauley‘s giant knits in candy colours, and this whimsical scarf by Illustrator Aysha Tengiz would give any outfit some playful South American vibes.

I am HUGE a fan of GMMRS, and it’s almost too hard to pick my favourite but I think it has to be this primary colour number. Finally, pom poms but make it FASHUN (& totally customisable) with this made to order jumper by Lauren Aston Designs.


Whether it’s for carrying your Christmas presents, a winter weekend away, or for dancing the night away on NYE, everyone needs a bag (or 5) and these are some of my faves. Perfect for present carrying, HERD bags are partly made from recycled plastic, so they’re as eco as they are cool. Mika Bon Bon‘s super cute printed bags area must have for a cosy Sunday lunch in the pub.

I love this Lil’ Bit Awks Barrel Bag from Little Bit Margate, which (almost) makes me want to go to the gym and no Christmas party is complete without a sparkly bag, and Pup Tart has made the perfect one, black velvet with glitter raindrops!


It may be winter outside but that doesn’t been it can’t be spring inside!! These colourful pots by Studio Emma are simply stunning, who says concrete needs to brutal? Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, these nesting tables from Hiffy Ulrich are the CUTEST.

I love the sentiment and colour combo of this screenprint by the lovely Jacqueline Colley and this papel picardo inspired cushion is one of my favourites, I may have to keep it! (jk please buy it)


‘Tis the season for SPARKLES!! This glitter by Headblush is biogradable so you can be glamourous AND eco! Add some whimsy and luxury to your tree with one of Kate G William’s sequin lobsters (this one is called Larry)

If you’re as much of a fan of HUGE earrings as I am then the Christmas collection from Fat Pom Poms is for you, and you can be Christmassy without being clichéd with these green sparkly squiggles from Kam Creates.

Well, that’s my Christmas list sorted, now what to get for everyone else….??

Have a fantastic festive season lovelies, you can check out some more indie biz presents on my Colour Lover’s Christmas Wishlist Pinterest board and LET’S SUPPORT INDEPENDENTS THIS CHRISTMAS!!

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