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An Indie Biz Christmas Gift Guide for 2020

Lets be honest. Christmas is going to be fucking weird this year… we don’t know if we’ll be able to see family and friends, and parties are definitely out of the equation, so if you’re gonna start sending cards this is probably the year! Also I don’t know about you but I am going to decorating the SHIT out of our house from the 1st December…One thing we can ALL do though is SHOP SMALL THIS CHRISTMAS!! Small businesses need you more than ever right now…

Luckily it’s the Indie Roller Christmas Essentials Online Mini-Market this Thursday and there are a whopping 390 businesses taking par, and here are some of my favourite cards, decorations and wrapping paper:

Get Baked wrapping paper by Foggish; tree decorations by Anna Treliving; bring on the joy card by Liz Harry; polar bear decorations by Crafty Gillespie; handpainted baubles by Zinome; risograph Christmas cards by Yuk Fun; Christmas cracker print napkins by Chimps Tea Party; star tassel decorations by Hayley Victory and kitsch deer card by Sophie Heywood (though I’m pretty excited about the personalised baubles she’s launching on Thursday!)

It’s the Indie Roller Kids & Babies Online Mini-Market this Thursday! Even though we don’t have kids I must admit to LOVING kids stuff… maybe it’s the colours or the playfulness… either way here are some fab kids pressies from small businesses that you may (or may not) want to keep for yoursefl!

Crochet Bumble Bee by InrainbowsBecco; Get your children’s drawing on a t-shirt by Olive and Pip; Bird hanging decoration by Nelly’s Treasures; Early Bird Sweatshirt by Hello Dodo (the detail on the sleeve is EVERYTHING); Amazing Animals Fact Cards by Button & Squirt; Baby friendly hand embroidered chick by Curly Lulu UK; Dinosaur Dimmer Switch by Candy Queen Designs; Reversible Superhero Cape by A is for Alice & Alphabet Poster by Poppekins

It’s the Indie Roller Eco Online Mini-Market on Thursday! There are 121 businesses taking part and here are some of my favourites:

Origami Map by YH Studio; Reusable makeup remover wipes by Tweedles Handmade; Fried Egg Terrazzo Tray by Proper Vacant Design; Upcycled bucket tote by Kelly O; Upcycled hoop earrings by Studio Maartje Adriana; Upcycled makeup bag by Oh My Etoile; Upcycled earrings by Lorelai; Compostable phone case by Loam & Lore and CURVE necklace by Stellen made from recycled yarn

Check out the rest of the sellers here!

Want to get hands on this Christmas and make your own decorations? Then look no further! I’ve put together a few of my favourite DIY kits from indie businesses to get you in the festive mood (and to suit every budget!)

Make your own tinsel and pom pom wreath with this amazing kit from Fat Pom Poms. Mine arrived the other day and I can’t wait to get started!!

Download this beautiful DIY Advent Village by Emily Dawe, or if you don’t have a printer you can get the hard copy sent to you!

Check out Wimperis Embroidery‘s thoughtful embroidery subscription box (it sells out QUICK though!!) Niamh has plenty of brilliant one off kits too if you don’t fancy a subscription.

If you want some kid friendly Christmas DIY fun without spending too much then look no further than the lovely Rosie Johnson IllustratesUltimate Christmas Download Pack. It is PACKED full of fun activities and downloadables and all for under a fiver! Lockdown SORTED.

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