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Wear Happy Colour

Waaaaayyy back in March just as we were on the cusp of lockdown but with no REAL idea about the months to come and the absolute shit show that 2020 would become I stumbled across an instagram challenge hosted by @katiekortmanart and @annaroslily called #wearhappycolour… It was a month long challenge dedicated to wearing colour …

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Community through Colour

Happy New Year!! I know, I KNOW it’s FEBRUARY…. but I’m assuming everyone has spent the past month hibernating, watching Netflix and avoiding human interaction… whether it be down to sickness, no booze, the fact it’s bloody freezing or just because January is a nice excuse to be anti-social… I completely lost my voice for …


Confessions of a colour snob

I’ve always been, shall we say, particular about colour. I’ve been correcting people for as long as I can remember. My Mum often tells this story from when I was young and I schooled my elderly and unsuspecting Uncle Dennis when he tried to compliment me… “Nice green socks” he said, “They’re not GREEN!! They’re …