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Colour Block Cushion Cover

Last year I was featured in the Caboodle Magazine crafts section!

The brief for the tutorial was Geo Colour-Block (two of my favourite things!) and my idea was to show readers how they could create the look of a screen printed cushion without needing all of the equipment…

I’d never done a tutorial before and it was much harder than I thought! Actually having to think through my steps, document them and get the lighting right… but it was such a useful exercise and now I’ve done one it’s definitely something I want to do more of… so watch this space!

One of my fabric things about screen-printing is being able to layer colours, it’s such a simple and effective way of creating a pattern. With this cushion you can create the effect of screen-printing without needing the equipment! It’s a simple envelope cushion so easy to make even for a novice sewer and the tutorial is just a technique so you can go wild with your own design and colour palette!!

1) You will need:

  • 1 x piece of cotton canvas (40cm x 90cm) cut into three pieces (1 x 40cm x 40cm and 2 x 40cm x 25cm)
  • Fabric scissors (pinking shears are ideal)
  • Wide paint brush
  • Wide masking tape
  • Fabric paint in four of your favourite colours
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Cushion inner (40cm x 40cm)

2) Tape down corners of your 40cm x 40cm fabric. This will be the fabric for the front of your cushion.

3) Use the masking tape to create a triangle shape on one corner of your fabric.

4) Paint the area with fabric paint. Don’t worry if it’s too uneven, that will just add to the charm!

5) Wait for the paint to dry (you can use a hairdryer to hurry it along if you’re feeling impatient, also feel free to blot with some clean plain paper) This very important, if you take the masking tape off too soon the paint will bleed! Once it’s dry peel the tape off carefully.

6) Make another triangle with masking tape, overlapping the first colour and repeat steps 4 & 5.

7 & 8) Repeat as many times as you want, each time overlapping each previous triangle with at least one other colour.

9) Once dry, iron the fabric to set it (this mean your can wash the cushion cover)

10) Now for the back! You can either use the plain fabric, or you can paint it to coordinate with the front (I painted one piece yellow and one piece pink)

11) On each piece, fold over one of the long edges by 1cm and iron down.

12) Sew along this hem (0.5cm from the edge)

13) Place one of the back pieces printed side down on top of the front piece, so the printed sides are face to face.

14) Place the second back piece on top, printed side down.

15) Pin these 3 pieces together, to hold them in place.

16) Next sew around the outside of the cushion (1cm from edge) Double sewing the corners and where the hems of the back pieces are. This will make sure nothing comes apart when you turn it inside out.

(If you don’t have pinking shears you can always use a zig-zag stitch on the edge of the fabric so it doesn’t fray)

17) Snip the corners off, so you can get a sharper corner.

18) Carefully turn the cushion inside out and use a chopstick or a pencil to gently push out the corners.

19) Stuff with cushion and voila!

I hope you have fun making this cushion cover… please take a pic and tag me on Instagram!

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