Second Hand September

Who’s taking part in Oxfam’s #secondhandseptember this month? It’s a pledge to not buy any new clothing for 30 days. Fast fashion is putting a huge amount of pressure on our planet, and it’s people. Did you know that 13 million items of clothing ends up in UK landfill every week? Or that it would take 13 years to drink all the water used to make a pair of jeans and a t-shirt?? (wahhh shocking isn’t it!?) Not buying any new clothes for a month can really make a difference and maybe change the way you shop.

Now… I am no stranger to high street shops, I bought fast fashion for many years and I’m currently in the process of breaking up with it, BUT I’ve also worn second hand clothing my whole life… from my cousin’s hand me downs as a kid, to charity shops in my teens, and the discovery of vintage shops in my 20s & 30s to a current obsession with eBay…

As well as the fact second hand clothes tend to be cheaper and better made than high street clothes, for me it’s always been about the PRINT & PATTERN, you’re not restricted to what is on trend and you have decades of glorious patterns to choose from.

I’ll be putting together lots of second hand outfits this month and sharing as many as possible with hashtag #secondhandpatternparty!!

I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with @goldust_looks‘s feed. Her thrifted outfits are full of dreamy colour combos and vintage prints and with a very healthy nod to Saved by the Bell nostalgia…

Slow fashionista @gwenandwear‘s feed is full of gorgeous second hand designer clothing and a beautiful flat-lays. Gwen’s stories are also SUPER informative.

@venetialamanna is a slow fashion campaigner and the host of Talking Tastebuds podcast and co-founder of Remember Who Made Them. she is refreshingly honest about being a former fast fashion addict and her feed is full of brilliant information.

80s and 90s obsessed @marthabeeee is a pattern clashing, colour blocking QUEEN who mixes high street, indie brands and vintage with style (and a beret)

@gabriellegreenall has an enviable collection of vintage clothing and giant earrings, she was a fab participant of the Pattern Party in May and I can’t wait to see what she wears for the next one! WHICH STARTS IN A MONTH BTW!!

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