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Spoopy Gift Guide 2020

No I did not make up this word… spoopy means something that is cute or funny as well as spooky. It actually originated from a photo of misspelled Halloween sign and went viral in 2013 (you can read about its origin here!)

Being *a bit* of a scaredy cat but also not being able to resist an excuse to dress up I fully embrace spoopy clothes and accessories and here are a few of my top picks!

Ghost pom pom earrings by Fat Pom Poms; Ceramic pumpkin earrings by Tiny Sunshine Shop; Booooo sweatshirt by Happy Stuff Studio; Glow-in-the-dark ghostie pin by Kate Rowland; Nobody Tells Me What To Do cropped tee by Hello Dodo; Halloween head scarf by Chimps Tea Party; Needle felted skull earrings by Gillian Maud Ryan; Neon skeletons by Rock Cakes and Skull earrings by Podge Co.

Speaking of spoopy… This did the rounds in August but I think it’s very important to remind ourselves that bats filmed upside-down look like a goth nightclub.

You’re welcome.

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