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Wear Happy Colour

Waaaaayyy back in March just as we were on the cusp of lockdown but with no REAL idea about the months to come and the absolute shit show that 2020 would become I stumbled across an instagram challenge hosted by @katiekortmanart and @annaroslily called #wearhappycolour

It was a month long challenge dedicated to wearing colour and it was also a *little* bit nerdy, which I appreciated. Each week we were given a colour wheel combination to play with, from Monochromatic to Complimentary. So, not only was this a chance to dress up (one of my all time favourite things to do) but it was also a chance to learn about colour and, I discovered, learn to push my boundaries.


Now, contrary to what you might think. Monochrome doesn’t actually mean black and white, it means one hue or lighter and darker versions of the same colour… and I’ve got to say this first challenge scared me a little. Whilst I’m very comfortable in bright colours, wearing head to toe is definitely outside my comfort zone… unless I’m just wearing a dress (but that felt like cheating y’know?)

It also made me realise what colours I had most of (mustard and red!!) and the colours I had least of… (WHERE IS THE GREEN??)


Analogous colours sit next to each other on the colour wheel e.g. yellow-green, yellow and yellow-orange. Because they share one colour in common they’re harmonious and pretty pleasing on the eye but I actually found this week the hardest as it made me put together colours that I normally wouldn’t combine (pink & purple I’m looking at you…)


Opposites attract!! Complementary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel and are pretty traditional bedfellows… think red and green, blue and orange and one of my favourites… yellow and purple!


This is where is gets a bit complicated…. and the most FUN (if you’re a colour nerd like me) a split-complementary colour scheme is one hue plus the two colours on either side of its opposite hue like purple, orange-yellow and blue-green. You can obviously eyeball this or go super nerdy and use Adobe Color to tell you which colours to pair! These ended up being some of my most favourite outfits of the month, I’m not sure I would have thought about putting these colours together before…

A triad colour scheme are three colours equidistant from each other on the colour wheel, the perfect example being the three primary colours red, blue and yellow! I felt a little bit like a modern day snow white in this outfit but it really brought a smile to my face…

Doing this challenge reminded me how much I love dressing up and made me realise HOW MANY colourful clothes I actually have! It also made me take more risks with colour combinations and I have definitely been wearing less black (my comfort colour, seriously!) ever since…

If you want to find out more about about colour theory and colour combinations check out Katie Kortman’s brilliant blog post for Spoonflower!

Insta Rainbow Challenge

A few weeks later I couldn’t resist doing the now infamous #instarainbowchallenge created by @talliwall and @heartzeena and my transition into a human rainbow was complete! I’ve never worn so little black in my life!

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